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Free Period Products for Argyll and Bute pupils: ensuring no-one goes without


Argyll and Bute Education Services are committed to ensuring that none of our pupils have to go without access to free period products during the Covid-19 crisis when the usual availability in schools is restricted and when it is more difficult, and indeed expensive, to get products from shops.


Meet the Teacher

A Powerpoint presentation from our 'Meet the Teacher' afternoon on Monday 16th September 2019. Contained within the presentation are our School Improvement Plan priorities and photos of the exciting things that have been happening this session.

Argyll and Bute Parental Engagement Strategy

It has always been recognised within Scottish Education that families play an extremely important role in a child's education.

We have always been so fortunate in the high calibre of support that we receive from our parents from Colgrain Nursery upwards. This year is particularly exciting as the Argyll and Bute Council Parental Engagement Strategy demonstrates. The overview is introduced by Anne Paterson, Head of Education.